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Your car is on the move but you’re not in it!

Rebecca Kerr - 16th October 2017

Car’s on the move but you’re not in it

Smartdriverclub keeps motorists in the know about their

car’s movements ahead of half term

With car theft on the up[1], and horror stories appearing about meet and greet firms at airports[2], a new service called ‘On the move’ from Smartdriverclub, the connected car service, will now ping an alert to the owner’s smartphone if their car moves from the spot they last parked it.

On the move is one of a range of connected car services from Smartdriverclub enabled by a self-installed smartplug that fits under the dashboard of most cars manufactured post 2003, including theft tracking, crash assistance, alerts to mechanical issues as well as insurance at up to 42% less than a traditional policy for good drivers.

Once activated from Viewpoint, the Smartdriverclub App, On the move sends an alert to the customer’s smartphone if their car moves from the spot it was parked showing its location on a map.  With this knowledge the customer can alert the police or the parking company and have evidence of the car’s movements through a journey tracking feature on the app.

Penny Searles, CEO of Smartdriverclub said; “Organised gangs of car thieves are using increasingly sophisticated techniques to access the car’s computer to start the vehicle in what have been dubbed ‘relay attacks’.  Motorists need to be on their guard. It’s also useful to know your car is where it should be if you have left it at the airport or train station for a few days, particularly as the half term holiday approaches and families get ready make the most of the break.  If you have to park your car in secure facilities, you want to know it remains there.  On the move is a simple solution that puts our customers firmly in the driving seat when it comes to keeping tabs on their car.”