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Telematics insurance is not just for the young, all drivers can cut costs if they get connected.

Telematics insurance is not just for the young.
Rebecca Kerr - 12th July 2017

Telematics insurance is not just for the young

All drivers can cut costs if they get connected

By Lucy Wright

New analysis of motor insurance premiums from the ABI[1] shows that between 2015 and 2016, the only age group not to see increases in their average premiums were the under 21s because the increasing use of telematics is keeping premiums under control.  The findings should provide a catalyst for all motorists to consider telematics insurance says Penny Searles, CEO Smartdriverclub, the UK’s first connected car service.  Smartdriverclub offers insurance at up to 42% less than a traditional policy for good drivers with the added benefit of services such as crash alert, theft recovery, alerts to mechanical issues plus fuel tracking and business miles reporting for expenses.

Penny says: “The ABI’s data is hard proof that telematics insurance can help manage rising motor insurance costs but what motorists need to understand is that while most telematics insurers target their services to young drivers who tend to pay the most for their premiums, this isn’t to the exclusion of any other age group.  All motorists, particularly those that believe they are safe drivers, should consider telematics when they next renew their insurance.  It is the only way to take some control of your motor insurance costs which are set to rise by around 7%[2] by the start of next year.  We have policyholders in all age groups – even in their 70s, including my mother!

“A service such as Smartdriverclub gives the many honest and good drivers out there a smart alternative for their insurance, with free cost saving and peace of benefits on top that they wouldn’t get from any other insurance provider. Unlike other insurers, Smartdriverclub only covers good drivers, which is how we can deliver savings to customers.”

Described as a ‘genius idea’ by motoring expert and TV presenter Mike Brewer, Smartdriverclub is the UK’s first connected car service for cars registered after 2003.  Motorists simply plug in a small match-box sized device in the OBD port of their car to get connected with services such as a crash assistance to speed help from emergency services in an accident and warnings of emerging mechanical problems so that they can be fixed before they become major issues.  All the services are managed by a smartphone app which also includes a handy ‘Where’s My Car?’ option when the owner’s forgotten where they parked.

Motorists have the option to take car insurance from Smart Driver Club insurance with cover for child seats, personal belongings and personal injury and the promise of a discount of up to 42% at renewal if they are a good driver.

By Rebecca Kerr - 16 Oct 2017
By Rebecca Kerr - 16 Oct 2017
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