Set up and installation

A Smartplug™ is a small device that fits discreetly into your car and allows us to provide you with all the great benefits and services of being a Smartdriverclub member.

If you have purchased Smartdriverclub membership at a dealership, you should have your Smartplug™ already. If you recently purchased Smartdriverclub membership direct from us a Smartplug™ will be on its way to you in the post. In order to receive all the great benefits and services that we offer you must make sure you fit your Smartplug™.

The Smartplug™ goes into the “on-board diagnostic (OBD)” port, which is usually found within the driver or passenger footwell. You can find the location of your own OBD by searching on Google or by calling us on 0333 772 0489. You can also view our Installation guide here.

The OBD is a socket located inside the vehicle that allows a user to access the vehicle on board computer system.

You can see that the Smartplug™ is working as data will be appearing on your Viewpoint App or website. If we notice that your Smartplug™ is not sending data we will call you to see if there is a problem or the Smartplug™ has been disconnected in error.

Please do not unplug your Smartplug™, by doing so you will no longer be entitled or be able to view, your club services. If you are a Smartdriverclub Insurance policyholder and your Smartplug™ is removed your insurance may be cancelled. If your Smartplug™ falls out, please simply re-install it and we will start collecting data again immediately.

No. The Smartplug™ has no effect on your manufacturer or dealer warranty and is manufactured in such a way as to ensure it doesn’t interfere with your cars performance.

Smartdriverclub Viewpoint App

Viewpoint is the name of the portal which displays information from your Smartplug™. It is available to all Smartdriverclub Members via a Smartphone Application (app) or an online web portal. We will provide you the links and access information when you create your membership. It contains most of the data we collect for you in an easy to understand format. It’s also where we’ll post any deals or special offers for you.

The Viewpoint app is your link to all the benefits and services you are entitled to from becoming a Smartdriverclub Member. Without the application or online web portal you will not be able to take advantage of the deals, driving data and options that make your membership worthwhile.

The link for the application will be sent to you via email. Once you click the link you will be asked to choose a password.

Minimal data usage, it’s not collecting any data merely displaying it.

If you have only just become a member it can take a few days from when the Smartplug™ has been put into your car to start receiving data. If after 5 days, you are still not seeing data on your application please call our helpdesk on 0333 772 0489.

Your journeys may sometimes take up to 48 hours to show in your Viewpoint Web Portal/App.

You can also view all your information on our Viewpoint Web portal and you can use the link in the welcome email to access the portal.

Smartdriverclub services

My Mechanic – Engine light on? Your Smartplug™ will help you understand the problem and the best way to fix it.

Crash Assistance – Your Smartplug™ protects you. If you are in a collision and we cannot contact you, we will direct emergency services to your location.

Stolen Car – If your car is stolen, contact us and we will let the police know where to look.

Breakdown Help – Broken down? We can help co-ordinate your recovery with your provider, or you can take out a policy with us.

Service Plan – Never forget when your service is due; well remind you based on the mileage of your vehicle.

My Driving – Keep track of how well you are driving, keeping fuel costs down and ensuring you and your family are safer on the road.

Business Miles – Accurately record all of your journeys and download direct to an expenses form at the click of a button.

My Deals – Check out our latest deals to save money on everything from retail to new tyres.

Value My Car – Get the latest valuation of your car, powered by HPI. Then use that instant price for better deals and finance on your next purchase.

Where Did I Park? – Can’t remember where you parked, your Smartplug™ will tell you!

Family Car – New driver in the family? Smartplug™ is the perfect way to check on how they are progressing in those early years behind the wheel.

MOT & Tax – Never forget. We will remind you when your MOT and Tax is due.

Once you have become a member of Smartdriverclub, you can access all our benefits and services via our Smartdriverclub Viewpoint App, available from Google Play or the App store. Or if you prefer to use your PC, online using the Viewpoint web portal.

Please contact Smartdriverclub customer services on 0333 772 0489 if you are thinking of selling or trading in your vehicle so that we can ensure your membership services are transferred to your new vehicle.

Your data

Smartdriverclub collects data that you share with us to bring your Smartdriverclub services to you. This includes customer information (such as your name, address and email), security information (such as emergency contacts, in case you want us to contact an ICE (in case of emergency) person that you nominated in your Viewpoint), vehicle data (such as odometer data, mileage, tyre pressure, oil life, fuel levels and diagnostics) and vehicle location (to provide stolen vehicle assistance and emergency services).

Before you sign up we’ll provide detailed information about what data is collected and what it’s used for. In essence, we collect your personal data including name and address and we collate vehicle and location data on your behalf. Your Smartdriverclub will only collect personal data to provide services that may be of use to you, for more information, please see Privacy Policy.

Our customers’ safety and security of data is paramount and we take a wide approach to secure in-vehicle and connected vehicle systems, and to monitor and detect security threats including hacking.

Smart Driver Club Limited will not sell, licence or share information that individually identifies our customers or people using our services with others that are not performing work on behalf of Smart Driver Club Limited or Smart Driver Insurance Limited without the consent of the person whose information will be shared unless we are required or permitted to do so by law.

No, we will never share your data with the police unless we are issued a court summons to do so. However, it should be noted the device is not home office approved and cannot be relied upon to provide the accuracies that the courts require.

Subscription and payments

Yes, although we hope you won’t want to, but if you do you can cancel your subscription by contacting customer services on 0333 772 0489. If you cancel your services within 14 day of purchase and post your Smartplug™ back to us, we will provide a full refund, failing to return the device will result in no refund being provided.

If you cancel outside of the 14 days and return your Smartplug™ you will be charged a cancellation fee of £20.
If you cancel outside of the 14 days and do not return your Smartplug™ a £40 cancellation fee will be payable

Yes, if you make any changes to your personal details such as address or contact details please contact our customer services on 0333 772 0489.

Please contact our customer services on 0333 772 0489.

Contact us

Call: 0333 772 0489
Email: membership@smartdriverclub.co.uk
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 9am-5pm
We are closed Saturdays, Sundays, Bank Holidays, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.