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These days it seems like almost every part of our life is connected in some way electronically. Are we really feeling the benefit or is there a limit to how connected we could or should be? We >>

By Sonney Stelling - 18 May 2017

As the World Health Organisation reveals that road traffic injuries are the biggest killer of teenagers, a new service that acts as a guardian angel for young drivers, using telematics technology >>

By Sonney Stelling - 17 May 2017

Wow, what a race! Another thrilling battle between two fantastic drivers. This is building into one of the great seasons of Formula 1. Vettel and Hamilton went toe to toe throughout the race, >>

By Sonney Stelling - 15 May 2017
Industry News

As you may have noticed, the government were legally forced to produce a plan to tackle air quality. Last week that plan was released and reception for the plan was…well lukewarm might be an >>

By Sonney Stelling - 11 May 2017
Industry News

The task of accurately recording and then claiming for business miles incurred is a necessary evil for many of the UK’s 4.78 million self-employed workers. But a small device plugged into their >>

By Sonney Stelling - 4 May 2017

Cat meet pidgeons. From pretty much week one, this F1 season was billed as a two-horse race between two former Champions. Their teammates resigned to bit part roles. Well this week, Valtteri >>

By Sonney Stelling - 3 May 2017

“A genius idea” is how motoring expert and TV presenter Mike Brewer has described Smartdriverclub, the connected car service which launched last summer by entrepreneur Penny Searles from her >>

By Sonney Stelling - 25 Apr 2017

With fears that car insurance premiums will exceed £1000 in the next year, motoring expert and TV Presenter Mike Brewer, is urging motorists to take control of their insurance costs now and look >>

By Sonney Stelling - 19 Apr 2017
Industry News

It is fair to say, diesel manufacturers (and drivers) have had a rough few months in the press. So much so that it has been dubbed a ‘war on diesel’ in some quarters. That is probably a tad over >>

By Sonney Stelling - 12 Apr 2017

The Formula 1 season moved to Shanghai this week for a race that promised a lot more overtaking than Australia. Did it deliver? Well, in a word, yes! An exciting race, that only enhanced the view >>

By Sonney Stelling - 10 Apr 2017

The new F1 season is finally upon us, after months of gossip, testing and speculation we can finally talk about the important stuff…racing. So how was the opening weekend in Australia and what >>

By Sonney Stelling - 7 Apr 2017

People these days are more and more conscientious about who is doing what with their online data. We are becoming increasingly aware that our information is big business for tech companies and we >>

By Sonney Stelling - 20 Mar 2017
Industry News

You have probably noticed, it has been a rough few months for motorist’s wallets. The steady rise in the price of crude oil has pushed up fuel prices. Insurance Premium Tax has risen to 10%, with >>

By Sonney Stelling - 14 Mar 2017
Global Motor Highlight

The Geneva Motor Show began this week, which meant almost all automobile manufacturers in one place, looking to show off their latest machines. That is a lot of new vehicles to take in! We >>

By Sonney Stelling - 10 Mar 2017
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