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People these days are more and more conscientious about who is doing what with their online data. We are becoming increasingly aware that our information is big business for tech companies and we >>

By Sonney Stelling - 20 Mar 2017
Industry News

You have probably noticed, it has been a rough few months for motorist’s wallets. The steady rise in the price of crude oil has pushed up fuel prices. Insurance Premium Tax has risen to 10%, with >>

By Sonney Stelling - 14 Mar 2017
Global Motor Highlight

The Geneva Motor Show began this week, which meant almost all automobile manufacturers in one place, looking to show off their latest machines. That is a lot of new vehicles to take in! We >>

By Sonney Stelling - 10 Mar 2017
Industry News

This week we are delighted to announce our first aggregator launch as we go live on uSwitch. In partnership with AXA, we are bringing our telematics based insurance to uSwitch customers. Taking a >>

By Sonney Stelling - 6 Mar 2017

Ferrari have recently announced their new supercar, and given it one of the worst car names ever; the 812 ‘Superfast’. What happened? Was there a bring your toddler to work day when they chose >>

By Sonney Stelling - 24 Feb 2017

How many of us are now sitting in traffic jams daily? Silly question! Okay, how many of us are already getting angry just thinking about traffic jams?! What can be done about it? Is one of the >>

By Sonney Stelling - 10 Feb 2017
Industry News

We are delighted to announce our exciting partnership with Stoneacre dealerships. Stoneacre has become one of the first UK motor retailer to collaborate with us, bringing our connectivity to >>

By Sonney Stelling - 2 Feb 2017

There are a lot of car manufacturers looking to the future of the industry right now, this means we are getting a lot of concepts and ideas being put out there. Some of them have the potential to >>

By Sonney Stelling - 31 Jan 2017
Industry News

News Round-Up 20/01/17 It is time for our weekly round-up of all the big industry news. Uber to pay $20m to Misled Drivers We begin with a story that will come as great news to Uber drivers >>

By Sonney Stelling - 20 Jan 2017

Did you know that as of April 1st this year, the rules on vehicle excise duty (commonly and from here on referred to as Road Tax) will be drastically changed. The reason for this change is >>

By Sonney Stelling - 18 Jan 2017

Welcome to our latest news round-up, we begin with a story that we foresee being around for a while to come! Emissions Testing VW plead guilty to three criminal charges, resulting in fines of >>

By Sonney Stelling - 13 Jan 2017

Firstly, let us kick off our first round-up of 2017 by wishing you all a Happy New Year! Despite this year being only a few days old, there has been plenty of news this week so here are the main >>

By Sonney Stelling - 6 Jan 2017
Industry News

News Round-Up December 16th Perhaps unsurprisingly given the time of year, it was a slow news week in the industry. War on Diesel According to the EEA there are currently 467,000 deaths a year in >>

By Sonney Stelling - 16 Dec 2016

Christmas is almost upon us, which means it is time for the customary festive themed post. Now we know some of our previous themed posts have had very tenuous links to cars, well this time we >>

By Sonney Stelling - 13 Dec 2016
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